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Isabel Zuleta at Rio Cauca
22 Ocak 2018

Cover - 2017 Annual ReportAs human rights defenders around the world put their lives on the line to challenge dictators, destructive multi-national corporations, religious conservatives, and oppressive regimes, there pervades a well-resourced and coordinated strategy of defamation, criminalisation and violence depl

5 Nisan 2017

Dispatches 2016 presents the work Front Line Defenders has undertaken around the world for the protection and security of human rights defenders at risk in 2016, including the impact of grants, training, advocacy, visibility, rest & respite and other programs, as well as the launch of the HRD Memorial, honoring HRDs killed since the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders in 1998.

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dispatches logo
1 Nisan 2017

Dispatches is Front Line Defenders' annual review of the organisation's work providing security and protection to human rights defenders at risk around the world, which is produced in magazine format.

3 Ocak 2017

Front Line Defenders, Risk Altındaki İnsan Hakları Savunucuları 2016 Yıllık Raporu'nu açıklarken, 2016 yılında 1000'den fazla insan hakları savunucusunun öldürüldüğünü, taciz edildiğini, gözaltına alındığını veya karalama kampanyaları ve benzeri ihlallere uğradığını söyledi.

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22 Şubat 2016

Dispatches 2015 highlights the challenges facing Front Line Defenders in providing fast and effective support to human rights defenders around the world, as the space in which HRDs can work safely continues to shrink.

14 Ocak 2016

As the 2016 Annual Report documents, at least 156 human rights defenders were killed or died in detention in 2015. More than half of those killings, 87, took place in Latin America, with Colombia alone accounting for 54 killings. Outside the Americas one of the starkest figures was the total of 31 targeted killings of HRDs in the Philippines.

1 Aralık 2015

Many companies now realise that wherever they operate, their ultimate licence to operate comes not only from legal agreements with governments, but also from their acceptance by workers, consumers, and the communities that surround them or are impacted by them. It does not mean that every company has got it right; nor does it mean it is always the fault of companies. In many instances, governments keen to build infrastructure, attract investment, or develop the economy are willing to disregard the views of communities, the rights of workers, or of consumers.

31 Mart 2015

In April 2015 Front Line Defenders and Verso Books published La Lucha: The Story of Lucha Castro and Human Rights in Mexico - the first book in a series of nonfiction graphic novels. La Lucha features the real life stories of women human rights defenders (WHRDs) in northern Mexico who confront lethal challenges in order to promote human rights, justice and accountability.