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Front Line Defenders

Finalists Selected for 2017 Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk

Jury members selected the 2017 finalists for the Front Line Defenders Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk after receiving 142 nominations from 56 countries. The Award is presented annually to a human rights defender who – at great personal risk – has made an exceptional contribution to protecting and promoting the rights of their communities.

Nonhle Mbuthuma, South Africa

Emil Kurbedinov, Ukraine

Abdulhakim Al Fadhli, Kuwait

Pham Thanh Nghien, Vietnam

Francisca Ramírez Torres, Nicaragua

“These five defenders demonstrate the tenacity and will to persist in the face of severe, often life-threatening risks,” said Andrew Anderson, Executive Director of Front Line Defenders.

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Emil Kurbedinov, Crimea - 2017 Award Finalist
31 Mars 2015

En avril 2015, Front Line Defenders et Verso Book ont publié La Lucha: l'histoire de Lucha Castro et des droits humains au Mexique - le premier d'une série de romans graphiques non fictionnels. La Lucha met en scène les histoires vraies de femmes défenseuses des droits humains (FDDH) dans le nord du Mexique, qui sont confrontées à des défis meurtriers pour promouvoir les droits humains, la justice et la responsabilité.