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Freedom for Colombian HRD David Ravelo Crespo

On Tuesday, 20 June 2017, Colombian human rights defender, David Ravelo Crespo, walked out of prison, after 7 years of incarceration. He will continue to fight his legal battles to clear his name and prove that the charges and conviction against him were manufactured to silence him and his human rights work on behalf of some of Colombia’s most persecuted and victimized citizens.

Front Line Defenders welcomes David’s release, and celebrates his freedom with all HRDs around the world.

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Listen to a message from David to
Front Line Defenders
upon his release from prison

Dear David,

What an absolute joy to hear the news of your release after seven long years in prison. Your freedom is cause for celebration in Colombia and abroad, at a time when the situation for human rights defenders there is ever more dangerous and the ambitious goals of the peace process are increasingly under threat.

Walking out of the prison gates today, you will once again demonstrate to the world that sometimes, against all odds and despite the best efforts of a repressive government, justice prevails. Your release is also a tribute to your family, colleagues, and lawyers who have demonstrated an unshakable will to continue the struggle for your freedom since the day of your arrest.

From behind prison walls and long before, you and your poetry have been an inspiration to us all.

“La noche sera oscura o clara?
“Will the night be dark or bright?

Muere la noche al despertar el alba
The night dies with the breaking of dawn

Nace el día con el esplandor del aura
A day is born with the splendour of light

El firmamento para mi es cosa rara”
The firmament for me is a rare thing”

We hope this is the beginning of a new life for you and your family, and stand in solidarity with you always.


Andrew Anderson, Executive Director, and all the team in Front Line Defenders

31 Mars 2015

En avril 2015, Front Line Defenders et Verso Book ont publié La Lucha: l'histoire de Lucha Castro et des droits humains au Mexique - le premier d'une série de romans graphiques non fictionnels. La Lucha met en scène les histoires vraies de femmes défenseuses des droits humains (FDDH) dans le nord du Mexique, qui sont confrontées à des défis meurtriers pour promouvoir les droits humains, la justice et la responsabilité.