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Front Line Defenders

Front Line Defenders is responding to the COVID-19 crisis by taking necessary measures to ensure that support for human rights defenders at risk can be maintained. While some workshops and other travel plans have been  impacted, protection grant applications will be received and processed as normal, and advocacy efforts on cases will be sustained as far as possible.

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Dispatches 2019                     Global Analysis 2019

Dispatches 2019 presents the work Front Line Defenders has undertaken around the world for the protection and security of human rights defenders at risk in 2019, including the impact of grants, training, advocacy, visibility, rest & respite and other programs. In 2019, Front Line Defenders hosted 114 HRDs at the biennial Dublin Platform; presented its annual Awards to 5 LGBTI+ rights defenders in honor of the 50th annivesary of the Stonewall Uprising; and provided 626 protection grants to HRDs around the world.

Dispatches 2019

Global Analysis 2019 details the physical assaults, defamation campaigns, digital security threats, judicial harassment, and gendered attacks faced by HRDs and women human rights defenders (WHRDs) around the world. As recent events from Hong Kong to Baghdad have demonstrated, HRDs are at the forefront of social change and face significant threats and risks for doing so – whether demanding civil and political freedoms or protecting the environment and combating climate change.

Global Analysis 2019


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