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On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, we celebrate the struggle of women human rights defenders across the world. From India to Nigeria, from Uganda to Georgia, they are standing up to stop and prevent gender-based violence, to defend women's reproductive rights, and to build a society where women don't have to be afraid to speak up. 

Ruth Komuntale
Hauwa Haruna
Baia Pataraia

Across the world, women human rights defenders (WHRDs) are bringing about radical changes in their communities. They face immense risks to make their voices heard, to defy oppressive governments, to struggle for justice, and to resist racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and all forms of oppressions. On International Women's Day, we honour their struggle.

Ana Maria Belique
Lorraine Kakaza
Angélica Choc

Across the world, women human rights defenders (WHRDs) face extreme risks - and highly gendered violence - to promote and protect the rights of their communities. The attacks they face are often more sexualised and stigmatised than those faced by male defenders. When women human rights defenders are killed, local authorities and media outlets tend to dissociate their murder from their human rights work. WHRDs also encounter severe barriers to justice following attacks.

Berta Cáceres
Soni Sori
10 August 2008

All over the world, women defend the rights of individuals and communities facing oppression, discrimination and violence. Their work is powerful, and controversial. And it often meets with bitter, and violent, opposition.

Most women human rights defenders (WHRDs) are well aware of the risks they face. Activists know, from painful experience, the price that many pay for putting their bodies, and their families, on the line.

13 January 2015

The Front Line Defenders 2015 Annual Report, Human Rights Defenders, Lives in the Balance, examines in detail the deteriorating situation for human rights defenders (HRDs) around the world, in the period January – December 2014.