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From The Frontline

From The Frontline

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Medal Paulo Frota - CPT Para 1
12 Diciembre 2019
Por Andreia Silverio

With at least ten rural workers and leaders killed in 2019 and increased violence against human rights defenders, fuelled by hate speech from the highest levels, there seems to be little to celebrate in the State of Para on Human Rights Day 2019. This 9 December, Front Line Defenders Protection Coordinator, Ivi Oliveira, accompanied one of our partners in Brazil at the reception ceremony of the Medal Paulo Frota by the Legislative Assembly of Para (ALEPA), which recognised individuals and organisations for their work in defence of human rights in the state.

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30 Marzo 2018
Por Erin Kilbride

Palestinian HRDs Endure Israeli Military Assault on Land Day

The Israeli military is nearly 24 hours into a violent assault on tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians and human rights defenders demanding the return of their land in Gaza. Twenty-four hours or 70 years, depending on how you're counting.

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Niober Garcia Fournier
1 Noviembre 2017
Por Lorena Cotza

Niober había estado planeando y esperando este viaje desde hacía meses. Después de viajar durante un día y medio desde la provincia de Guantánamo, llegó al aeropuerto internacional de La Habana con bastante antelación. Pero justo antes del último control de seguridad, se le acercó un funcionario del Ministerio del Interior, le apartó discretamente y le dijo que no podía embarcar.

El funcionario no le dio ninguna explicación, pero Niober no se sorprendió: a situaciones como esta se enfrentan comunmente los/as defensores/as de derechos humanos en Cuba.

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Press conference Bamako - October 2017
30 Octubre 2017
Por Olivia Tchamba

Mariam Diallo Dramé has been an activist since her childhood. When she was just 13, she created the Children’s Parliament of Mali to protect children’s rights. Today, she is the president of Association Femmes Leadership et Développement Durables (AFLeD) and she continues to advocate for women and children’s rights to health, education, and leadership opportunities.

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Ozlem Dalkiran
14 Septiembre 2017

Well-being is apparently dangerous in Turkey. When my friend Ozlem Dalkiran attended a training workshop on holistic security she was asked to draw something which represented what she was worried about. It is the sort of well meaning flipchart & post-it note psycho-babble which messes with my stress levels, but Ozlem gamely drew a map of Turkey with icons representing people fleeing war in Iraq & Syria in the East and friends in prison in Istanbul.

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Dilmurod Sayid
23 Marzo 2017
Por Katsiaryna Borsuk

In September 2016, the man who had ruled Uzbekistan for 27 years died. As often happens when authoritarians pass on, Islam Karimov’s death after so many years in power left questions as to who would fill the vacuum, and whether the country’s new ruler would ease the repressive practices of the past regime. When Shvakat Mirziyoyev quickly emerged as the successor to Karimov, many in the international community believed that there would be some form of liberalisation.

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thailand - prachathai office
16 Marzo 2017
Por Wojtek Bogusz & Anastasia Vladimirova

On 7 March, Wikileaks published a trove of documents showing the United States Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA) capabilities to remotely hack devices running Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X and others. These leaks demonstrate how the CIA and, very likely, other intelligence services, are able to exploit software and operating systems’ vulnerabilities.