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Blog Post
21 5 2021
By Pâmella Passos

Some years ago I was introduced to the text “Speaking in Tongues: A Letter to 3rd World Women Writers”1 by Glória Anzaldua. In it, she encourages women's writing. The Chicana, feminist and lesbian scholar on cultural theory calls on women from the so-called ‘third world’ to write. She recognizes writing as a form of creation. Of survival.

Blog Post
20 1 2021



近几周来,在充满挑战和困难的新闻中,看到杰拉尔丁-拜恩-纳森大使 (Geraldine Byrne Nason)就任爱尔兰在联合国安全理事会的席位,并看到她已经在推动一项有关妇女、和平与安全的议程,令人欣慰。

爱尔兰在开始其两年任期时,基于规则的国际制度从未受到过如此大的威胁。 联合国安理会的两个常任理事国,即中国和俄罗斯,正在积极开展活动,以削弱这一框架,破坏民主和人权。




Blog Post
Atziri Avila
3 7 2020
By Atziri Ávila López

Atziri Elizabeth Ávila López is a woman human rights defender and journalist from Oaxaca, Mexico working with Observatorio Ciudadano Nacional del Feminicidio (OCNF) (The National Citizen’s Observatory on Femicide), a citizen’s network made up of 43 organisations. The work of OCNF is aimed at contributing to the guaranteed rights of women to a life free of violence. As well as her work with OCNF, Atziri is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists in Mexico.

Blog Post
27 3 2020
By FLD East Asia Team

In mid-February 2020, as the coronavirus outbreak led to cities and counties across China imposing strict lockdown, a mother surnamed Wang and her two young children, with luggage in tow, walked for almost five hours in an attempt to return to their hometown in a neighbouring county after she was beaten by her abusive ex-husband.

Blog Post
Medal Paulo Frota - CPT Para 1
12 12 2019
By Andreia Silverio

With at least ten rural workers and leaders killed in 2019 and increased violence against human rights defenders, fuelled by hate speech from the highest levels, there seems to be little to celebrate in the State of Para on Human Rights Day 2019. This 9 December, Front Line Defenders Protection Coordinator, Ivi Oliveira, accompanied one of our partners in Brazil at the reception ceremony of the Medal Paulo Frota by the Legislative Assembly of Para (ALEPA), which recognised individuals and organisations for their work in defence of human rights in the state.