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منابعی برای مدافعان حقوق بشر

27 مه 2020

With teams increasingly working remotely during COVID-19, we are all facing questions regarding the security of our communication with one another: Which communication platform or tool is best to use? Which is the most secure for holding sensitive internal meetings? Which will have adequate features for online training sessions or remote courses without compromising the privacy and security of participants?

Front Line Defenders presents this simple overview which may help you choose the right tool for your specific needs.

30 آوریل 2020

Tips for safe communications


Jitsi Meet is an encrypted video conferencing software. It is free and open source. The software itself can be trusted, but it is important to use it on a secure server, such as the ones we list below. This tool may reduce the risk of surveillance, interference by other people in calls and selling and mishandling of private information of participants.

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19 مارس 2020

Human rights defenders at risk often find it difficult to talk about their mental and emotional wellbeing, even when they are concerned about it. Cultures of human rights practice tend to emphasise self-sacrifice, heroism, and martyrdom. These norms inhibit defenders from expressing their anxieties and seeking help.

7 فِورِیه 2020

Produced with the support of the European Union, designed for cartoonists and available on the Cartooning for Peace website, this document brings together advice and information that can guide those who face specific or persistent threats because of their profession. With tips, testimonies and useful links, it focuses as much on risk prevention as on the response to threats and attacks.

Protection of Editorial Cartoonists