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Rocío Bastidas

WHRD, Co-founder
Red de Barrios del Centro Oriente de Quito

Rocío Bastidas is an activist for the rights to the city and the public and cultural heritage. She is one of the co-founders of the Red de Barrios del Centro Oriente de Quito, of the Mancomunidad de Barrios del Hipercentro de Quito in defense of Hotel Quito and currently its coordinator. Member of the Cabildo Cívico de Quito as coordinator of art, culture and heritage table. She is a citizen leader of La Floresta neighborhood in the city of Quito and during her functions as president has promoted the approval of the Metropolitan Ordinance of Land Management of La Floresta neighborhood, which aims to defend the sector from real estate interests and prevent the construction of skyscrapers because they prevent sunlight from small houses, generate humidity, which is a cause of several diseases.

She has received awards from the Metropolitan Control Agency for contributing to the regulation of land use, buildability, public space, environmental protection, care and management of cultural heritage, promotion of small neighborhood businesses friendly to the environment.