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Ozlem Dalkiran

Özlem Dalkıran


I feel great pride in being part of our human rights community. I value the morale that the domestic and international campaign is generating for us in detention and for human rights defenders out there. I have never felt part of a family as much as I feel right now. So happy that you exist, that we all exist.

Ozlem Dalkiran is an active member of the Citizens’ Assembly (formerly known as Helsinki Citizen's Assembly), an organisation promoting peace, democracy and civil society throughout Europe. She is a long-standing and prominent human rights campaigner. Ozlem is a founding member, former head of media and former chair for two terms of Amnesty International Turkey.

Turkey police

Human rights defenders in Turkey have been subjected to harassment, threats, surveillance, violations of the rights to freedom of expression, association, and assembly, judicial harassment including criminal prosecution, violent attacks, prolonged arbitrary detention and ill-treatment. They become target for their work on denouncing impunity for serious human rights violations, defending sexual rights, investigating on ultra-nationalist networks, advocating for labour rights or defending the right to conscientious objection.