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Miguel Guimaraes

Miguel Guimaraes

Federation for Ucayali and Afluentes Native Communities (FECONAU)

Miguel Guimaraes is an environmental human rights defender from the Flor de Ucayali community and president of the Federation of Native Communities of Ucayali and Tributaries (FECONAU), one of the oldest indigenous federations of the Peruvian Amazon, which represents indigenous organisations from more than 30 native communities. The federation advocates for the recognition of indigenous communities’ rights and preservation of their ancestral territories. FECONAU has been at the forefront of the struggle for indigenous rights in the Peruvian Amazon, particularly in the cases of Santa Clara de Uchunya. Since 2013 the community has been fighting against the violation of their rights to their ancestral land. Their territory is being threatened by palm oil companies and land traffickers, and the difficulty in accessing justice through Peruvian state mechanisms.

While many human rights defenders (HRDs) can operate freely in Peru, those working on the environment, in particular on the environmental and human rights impact of the extractive industry, face harsh repression, including intimidation, smear campaigns, death threats, surveillance, and judicial harassment.


Audiencia - Derechos humanos de los pueblos indígenas en la Amazónia peruana