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Karima Nadir

Karima Nadir

HRD, Vice President
Association des droits numériques - ADN
The New York Times Article

Moroccan Government Cracks Down on Journalists and Activists

Many companies who sell tools for cybersurveillance have listed Morocco as their client. It is not something we made up. It is public information anyone can easily find on Google.

Karima Nadir is the Vice President of the Association des droits numériques - ADN (Association for Digital Rights), which works to defend internet freedoms and freedom of expression, and focuses on privacy and surveillance issues.

Journalists and media workers critical of the government face harassment and arrest in some instances, and the country's press law includes prison terms for “maliciously” spreading “false information”. There are reports of torture and ill-treatment of human rights defenders in detention and activists held have been incommunicado.


Karima Nadir