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pro-democracy & civil society movement

Filimbi is a pro-democracy and civil society movement which advocates against poor governance and human rights abuses, and which demands respect for the constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Filimbi promotes the exercise of the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of association and assembly as well as freedom of thought, working specifically with youth. The movement organises peaceful protests including sit-ins, demonstrations, debates and press conferences.

Naguy Godhi, Joseph Ubegiu, Sifa Alambic, Malosi Coco, Blessing Maki, Mary Adiye, Lobho Désire, Lufungura Lubanga, Akwa Moïse, Busu Caleb and Kambale Jonas are human rights defenders affiliated with the movement.

The situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) remains volatile and human rights defenders (HRDs) remain at grave risk. They continue to operate at serious personal risk in an atmosphere of violence, hostility and instability. Absence of the rule of law and a climate of impunity prevail. As a consequence of carrying out activities such as investigating and exposing atrocities, combating sexual violence, advocacy with respect to the elections, and independent journalism, many HRDs have been subject to threats and attacks.