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Blaise Chamango

Blaise Chamango

Human IS Right

Blaise Chamango is the Director of Human IS Right, located in Buea, southwest Cameroon. A dedicated human rights advocate with extensive experience, Blaise has focused his efforts on monitoring, receiving and investigating complaints received from the public concerning allegations of violations of human rights and ensuring compliance with all legal provisions since the beginning of the “Anglophone crisis” in Cameroon. The Anglophone Crisis, also known as the Ambazonia War, is a conflict in the Southern Cameroons region, part of the long-standing Anglophone problem. He has been arrested, detained, and tortured for trying to do so, in addition to receiving threatening calls.

Cameroun: Libérez le défenseur des droits humains Michel Biem Tong

In the context of the Cameroon government’s response to the Anglophone crisis which began at the end of 2016, unnecessary and excessive force was increasingly used by security forces to police assemblies, and peaceful protesters were subjected to arbitrary detention.