Posted 2008/5/14

Saudi Arabia: Travel ban on human rights defender Abdul Rahman Al Lahem

Front Line is concerned about the travel ban that has been imposed against Abdul Rahman Al Lahem since 2004. Abdul Rahman Al Lahem is a human rights lawyer who has worked in particular to defend the rights of women. He was recently awarded the International Human Rights Lawyer Award from the American Bar Association but was unable to collect the award in person because of the travel ban against him and the confiscation of his passport.

Further Information

Posted 14/05/2008 In 2004, Abdul Rahman Al Lahem was imprisoned for publicly speaking out against human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia as well as defending three pro-democracy activists. In November 2007, Abdul Rahman Al Lahem's lawyer's licence was revoked because he objected to the sentencing of a nineteen-year old female rape victim to six months' imprisonment and two hundred lashings for being in the company of a male stranger. The rape victim was later pardoned by King Abdullah.

Front Line believes that Abdul Rahman Al Lahem has been targeted because of his legitimate work in the defence of human rights.

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