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Viviana Beigel

Viviana Beigel

HRD, Lawyer
Movimiento Ecuménico por los Derechos Humanos - MEDH
Human Rights Organizations of Mendoza Honor

On the 40th anniversary of the coup d'eta, human rights organizations in Mendoza, Argentina honored Viviana Beigel for her human rights work in the courts of Mendoza pursuing justice for crimes against humanity committed during the period of dictatorship in Argentina.

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Viviana Beigel is a human rights lawyer with the Movimiento Ecuménico por los Derechos Humanos - MEDH (Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights) in the region of Mendoza in Argentina. She has defended victims of human rights violations committed during the dictatorship.  She is also a member of the Human Rights Institute at the National University fo Cuyo.

Viviana has written many books on law and human rights, and has served as a lawyer in the department of human rights for the provincial government of Mendoza.

While most human rights defenders can operate in freedom, HRDs seeking justice for violations committed during the dictatorship, journalists and trade unionists have received death threats and been subjected to harassment, arbitrary arrest, prosecutions, police violence and smear campaigns.