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Tang Jitian

Tang Jitian

HRD, Lawyer
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Human rights lawyers in China tell harrowing stories about their own torture and abuse

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Four Chinese rights lawyers allege torture by police

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2 Chinese Lawyers Are Facing Disbarment for Defending Falun Gong

I was first strapped to an iron chair, slapped in the face, kicked on my legs, and hit so hard over the head with a plastic bottle filled with water that I passed out.

Tang Jitian is a Chinese human rights lawyer who has taken on 'sensitive' clients across a range of areas, including freedom of religion, freedom of expression and freedom of association. As a result of his persistent activim, his license to practise law was revoked in 2010. He has been subjected to beatings, torture, surveillance, detenions and in 2011, Tang Jitian was disappeared for a number of weeks.


Tang Jitian