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Paul Chouta

HRD, whistle blower

Paul Chouta is a human rights defender, whistle-blower and promoter of the Facebook page TGV DE L'INFO, an online media broadcast platform. The human rights defender is known for exercising his freedom of opinion on societal issues and advocating against against social injustices in Cameroon. Paul Chouta is also a member of the international citizens' movement, Tournons La Page.

Cameroun: Libérez le défenseur des droits humains Michel Biem Tong

Human rights defenders and journalists critical of the government are particularly targeted and often face harassment. Security forces have tortured, beaten, harassed, and abused citizens, journalists, detainees and human rights defenders. In the context of the government’s response to the Anglophone crisis, which began at the end of 2016, and attacks from the armed group Boko Haram in the North, excessive force has been used by security forces to police assemblies, and peaceful protesters have been subjected to arbitrary detention. Access to internet and social media was also blocked to prevent peaceful protests and authorities have banned news outlets deemed sympathetic to Anglophone protesters.