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Onesima Riquelme Lienqueo

Onesima Riquelme Lienqueo

HRD, Educator
Mapuche Community

Onesima Riquelme Lienqueo is a Mapuche educator and human rights defender. She is the spokesperson of Red por la Infancia Mapuche, a network promoting the rights of Mapuche children. Onesina Riquelme Lienqueo is recognised in Araucania due to her work towards a multicultural education and the rights of Mapuche children.


One group of HRDs representing a marginalised community that continue to face difficulties are indigenous HRDs, notably from the Mapuche people, who were criminalised on several occasions on the grounds of the Chilean Anti-terrorist Act.


Onesima Riquelme Lienqueo