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Milton Sánchez Cubas

Milton Sánchez Cubas

HRD, Member
Guardianas y Guardianes de la Laguna

Milton Sánchez Cubas is a member of the collective Guardianas y Guardianes de la Laguna (Guardians of the Lagoon) which works to oppose the construction of a mining mega-project known as Conga which is planned for the Cajamarca region of Peru and which they believe could have a negative effect on the rights of those in the region.

The mine is to be constructed by the Minería Yanacocha company, which has been operating in the region for nineteen years. Inhabitants of the Cajamarca region allege that contamination from these existing operations have rendered their traditional occupation of dairy production unviable. They further allege that the operations have affected the health of the population, with the rate of stomach cancer now being one of the highest in the country. There have also been effects on the water supply of the local population. The human rights defenders of Guardians of the Lagoon have been assisting their community to speak out against and report these abuses.

While many human rights defenders (HRDs) can operate freely in Peru, those working on the environment, in particular on the environmental and human rights impact of the extractive industry, face harsh repression, including intimidation, smear campaigns, death threats, surveillance, and judicial harassment. Journalists and trade unionists have also been targeted.