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Faisal Riza

Faisal Riza


Faisal was a grassroots leader and LGBT rights defender in Banda Aceh, Aceh province. Faisal led much of the grassroots work of supporting the community in Aceh, particularly since the targeting of other leading HRDs in the province. Faisal worked to support LGBT people who had been evicted from their family homes, created security plans for those receiving threats, did outreach to LGBT people in more rural neighborhoods, and helped the victims of public cannings receive medical care.

He faced years of threats, including death threats and harassment for his work. He was also threatened with hanging by a group of FPI supporters as he was leaving a LGBT gathering in Jakarta.

LGBTI rights defenders are particularly at risk, amidst increased anti-LGBTI rhetoric and discrimination after officials made inflammatory statements on the grounds of “defending the country’s public morality and public security”. They are also threatened by extremist Islamist groups.


Faisal Riza - Testimony at the 2017 Dublin Platform