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Zhu Xiaomei

Zhu Xiaomei

HRD, Organizer
Panyu Workers' Service Centre
AFP Article

Activists targeted as workers of China unite

China Labour Bulletin Article

Sacked labour activist continues to push for workers’ trade unions

Zhu Xiaomei is a labour organizer with the Panyu Workers' Service Centre in Guangzhou, Guangdong province. She was sacked from her factory job in 2014 for attempting to form a workers' union, after which she took the company to court and eventually won a settlement of 230,000RMB for unfair dismissal. Since then, she has used her experience to assist others and since joining Panyu Workers' Service Centre in 2014, she has advised on collective bargaining and labour disputes.


Chinese HRDs face intimidation, harassment, house arrest, abductions, torture and imprisonment. Arbitrary detention is widely used against HRDs, including house arrest, forced travel and detention in psychiatric hospitals.


Labour Activist Zhu Xiaomei in Action