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Uktam Pardayev

Uktam Pardayev

HRD, Chairperson
Independent Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (IHRSU)

Uktam Pardayev is an Uzbek human rights defender and Chairperson of the Independent Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (IHRSU) in the region of Djizak. Uktam has uncovered and investigated cases of local corruption and forced labour of adults and children in Uzbekistan’s cotton fields.

Human rights defenders in Uzbekistan continue to be systematically persecuted. Torture, ill-treatment, arbitrary detention, fabricated prosecutions, imprisonment and excessive force are used by law enforcement officials to prevent human rights defenders from carrying out their legitimate and peaceful work in defence of human rights. The severity of the repression has contributed to a number of human rights defenders being forced to go into exile.