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Sarada Devi Chanda


Sarada Devi Chanda has been working for the protection of women and children rights for the past 24 years. She has been protecting victims of human rights violations in the district of Kanchanpur through a range of means, including non-violent protests, and has worked on more than 3000 cases, including some notorious cases of violence against women and feminicides (such as Ram Dulari, Bhagirathi Lwar, Hira Bista case, Laxmi Bohora, Nirmala Panta). Because of her w, Sarada has work, Sarada has been often threatened, once she was hit by a jeep and another time she survived an attempted acid attack.

The situation for human rights defenders has improved since the restoration of Parliament in April 2006 and the Peace Agreement signed in November 2006. However, human rights defenders and journalists have continued to face threats, harassment, and the violent dispersement of peaceful protests by police and security forces.