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Patrick Khum Jaa Lee

Patrick Khum Jaa Lee

The Irrawaddy Article

Defamation Charge Lacks Evidence: Kachin Activist’s Lawyer

Patrick Khum Jaa Lee is a human rights defender who provides support to internally displaced people forced to flee due to the ongoing conflict in northern Myanmar. Currently he is working for a project called “Adapt”, providing research on the conflict in the region and raising awareness about the peace-building process. He is the husband of the human rights defender Ms May Sabe Phyu, who advocates for women rights and gender equality


Political reforms introduced in 2011 brought the release of more than 1000 political prisoners, including many human rights defenders. Today, many formerly imprisoned HRDs face a number of restrictions to their work and risk future persecution. Student activists were not allowed to return to study at their universities, and the Ministry of Home Affairs has refused to issue passports to former political prisoners and prominent HRDs.


Health Fears for Online Activist Denied Bail