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Maxim Kornienko

HRD & Director
The Coordination Center “Human Rights Defender”

Maksim Kornienko is a human rights lawyer and a Director of the Coordination Center “Human Rights Defender” which provides legal assistance for victims of human rights abuse. Maksim Kornienko investigates and defends people in legal cases involving torture and human rights abuses, and monitors trials. He is also a member of the Public Council of the Kharkiv regional state administration.

Human rights defenders, after the political changes brought about by the 'Euromaidan' movement for independence and which led to political and military confrontation with Russia, work in a situation of armed conflict, helping people to survive and move from the conflict affected zones. In addition to established human rights organizations, dozens of new groups and organizations were created to assist more than a million IDPs to settle in new places.

There is not much pressure on human rights defenders from the central government, but risks connected with security increased due to armed conflicts in the east of the country and political confrontation with the current Crimean administration.