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Gloriya Filipova

Bilitis Foundation

Gloriya Filipova is a woman human rights defender, feminist and LGBTI activist. She is a project-coordinator at Bilitis Foundation, the first LGBTI organization in Bulgaria led by women and focusing on women's needs and rights. Since 2009, the Bilitis Foundation have been part of the organisers of Sofia Pride and run the only LGBTI community centre in Bulgaria “Rainbow Hub”, together with their partners. Gloriya’s work focuses on education, community organising and empowerment, and combating anti-LGBTI hate crimes.

Human rights defenders in Bulgaria are frequently subject to threats, harassment, intimidation, smear campaigns and physical attacks. Cooperation between authorities and civil society groups continues to deteriorate due to growing support in the country for a more conservative agenda. Some political parties, coalitions and media outlets advocate for the closure of NGOs funded by foreign donors. Human rights defenders working on minority rights, especially those who defend Roma rights, continue to face profound discrimination and racism from State and non-State actors, which discourages them from carrying out their legitimate human rights work.