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Genaro Rincon

Genaro Rincón

HRD, Founder and Director
Fundación Derechos Vigentes

Genaro Rincón is a human rights lawyer and the founder and Director of Fundación Derechos Vigentes (Standing Rights Foundation), an organisation dedicated to strategic litigation to advance human rights in Dominican Republic. The Foundation has successfully taken up a number of cases on police brutality, the rights of migrants, the rights of minorities and the rights of stateless persons both at a domestic level and at the regional level (through the Inter-American System of Human Rights). In recent years, Genaro Rincón has led efforts to protect persons who have been rendered stateless by the 2013 Constitutional Court judgement (168-13), which retroactively stripped tens of thousands of people of their Dominican nationality, disproportionately affecting those of Haitian descent born in the country since 1929.