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 Gamal Eid

Gamal Eid

Arab Network of Human Rights Information
Roland Berger Human Dignity Award

In November 2011, the Arab Network of Human Rights Information (ANHRI) - organisation founded and directed by Gamal Eid - received the Roland Berger Human Dignity Award, for their long and successful struggle for freedom of expression and press freedom in Egypt.

Leaders for Democracy Award

In February 2011, Gamal Eid was awarded the Leaders for Democracy Award by the Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED).

Op-ed - New York Times

"If we lose this week’s round of our legal fight, my personal life may take a painful turn. But it will be the Egyptian people who bear the brunt of the consequences, since they will soon be left with nothing between them and a crumbling state".

We have been targeted because our groups provide critical resources to those facing human rights abuses in Egypt. We have stood for the ideas that human rights belong to all, no matter their ideology, and that civil rights belong to all citizens, no matter their wealth or power.

Gamal Eid is a renowned lawyer and advocate of freedom of expression in Egypt. He is the founder and director of the Arab Network of Human Rights Information (ANHRI), which was established in 2003 to promote freedom of expression, campaign against censorship in the Middle East and North Africa, and provide legal assistance to journalists and internet activists.

A significant crackdown on civil society in Egypt has been taking place since 2014. HRDs face an extremely challenging situation due to restrictions imposed on civil society and peaceful public gatherings and protests, travel bans, the arrest and sentencing of HRDs, bloggers, journalists and protesters, as well as an ongoing smear campaign against human rights groups.


Gamal Eid, Egypt - Netizens Fighting Against Repression (Human Rights First)