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Freddy Alberto Navas López

HRD, Campesino Leader & Coordinator
Movimiento Campesino y Aliados de Nicaragua

Freddy Alberto Navas López is a peasant leader, human rights defender and coordinator of the Movimiento Campesino y Aliados de Nicaragua (Peasant Movement and Allies of Nicaragua), originally founded in 2013, with the aim of stopping the Nicaragua Grand Interoceanic Canal project. His work in defence of the land and in favour of the rights of peasants has been prominent for the last eight years. From 2018 to date, Freddy Alberto Navas López has been involved in protests seeking the democratisation of Nicaragua.


Indigenous and environmental rights defenders, particularly those working to preserve their ancestral land in the Autonomous Atlantic regions, the Bosawás and Indio Maíz natural reserves, have been particularly at risk of violent attacks from actors involved in mining activities, illegal logging and farming.