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Domingos da Cruz

Domingos da Cruz

HRD, Journalist & Coordinator
Observatório de Imprensa

Domingos da Cruz is a journalist, human rights defender, and recently published author of a book entitled ''Tools to destroy a dictator and avoid a new dictatorship'' (in portuguese, “Ferramentas para Destruir o Ditador e Evitar Nova Ditadura''). In the book, the author details principles of civil disobedience. Domingos da Cruz is also the Coordinator of the Observatório de Imprensa (Observatory of the Press), a platform created in December 2014 with the aim of monitoring the Angolan Press in order to defend democracy and freedom of expression. 


Human rights defenders in Angola have been victims of arrests, judicial harassment, physical attacks, threats and defamation campaigns. Freedoms of peaceful assembly and expression are limited. Human rights defenders working on civil and political rights and journalists criticizing the government are especially at risk.


Tema Juridico Facisa - Entrevista com Jornalista Domingos da Cruz