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Daranee Thongsiri

Daranee Thongsiri


There is no justice where there is homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia or violence and hate against LGBTQIN+ person and community. We need justice now and we will fight for our justice untill everyone in this world can be themself and safe to be whatever and whoever they want

Daranee Thongsiri is a Thai non-binary human rights defender and queer feminist activist. They are the co-founder of Feminista. Feminista is a feminist organization that works on issues pertaining to gender and sexuality in Thailand. The organization's website serves as a platform to promote feminist knowledge and provide resources to raise awareness among people and gather support for gender equality and gender diversity. Daranee Thongsiri is the translator of ‘Feminism is for Everybody: Passionate Politics’, a book by bell books. They are also the editor in chief for Feminista publishing - a publisher focusing on translation of feminist books from other languages to Thai.

After seizing power in a 2014 coup, the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) has maintained its grip on the country through an array of restrictive laws. The junta’s intolerance of dissenting opinions has resulted in a challenging climate for human rights defenders. Judicial harassment, which remains one of the most common tools to silence HRDs, has intensified, with defamation and other criminal and civil charges being brought against them. There are reports of surveillance of HRDs, both physical and online, intimidation, public smear campaigns and threats. A number of events, including the launching of human rights reports, have been disrupted and public gatherings banned. HRDs also face physical assaults, arbitrary detention and extrajudicial killings.