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Blandine Bonianga

Blandine Bonianga


Blandine Bonianga has been the Executive Director of FESO (Femmes Solidaires) for several years and is currently its president. The NGO FESO was created in Katana in 1995 and made official in 1998 in the province of South Kivu.
FESO carries out the mission of promoting the socio-economic development of women in rural and periurban areas and the sustainable management of natural resources. Today, Blandine is also coordinator of the SOFFLECO movement, "Solidarity of Women along the Congo River". Its mission is to build a strong women's movement along the Congo River and its tributaries in the promotion of rights to natural resources, climate justice and the management of biodiversity along the river. Blandine is a member of the Inga 3 coalition and has also been confronted with physical surveillance, pressure and threatening anonymous calls due to her work as a HRD, most notably because she works with women in promoting human rights, the land and natural resources.


Human rights defenders in the Democratic Republic of Congo are at risk of killings, threats, intimidation and judicial harassment. In May 2017, a bill on the protection of human rights defenders was passed by the Senate which, if enacted, would severely limit the work of human rights defenders in the country.