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Amel Hadjadj

Amel Hadjadj

WHRD, Founder
Le Journal Féministe Algérien (Algerian Feminist Journal)

Amel Hadjadj is a feminist activist and woman human rights defender. She is the founder of the national representative of Le Journal Féministe Algérien (Algerian Feminist Journal), a foundation for feminist news and initiatives. Amel Hadjadj is a blogger and a feminist content creator on many platforms, national and regional medias. She is also a consultant and animator/speaker since 2017 for several organizations working with vulnerable communities such as political and sexual minorities.

The lifting of Algeria’s 19-year state of emergency in early 2011 did not have a positive effect on the situation of human rights defenders (HRDs). Human rights defenders have continued to be subjected to harassment, threats, physical attacks, arbitrary detention and legal proceedings.

Criminal defamation is used to exert pressure on journalists and independent newspapers. A new Press law adopted in late 2011 grants the authorities the right to sanction journalists whose work may undermine the country's economic or security interests. The 2009 Cybercrime Law grants the government the right to censor or close down any online sites deemed to be a threat to public order or decency.