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Alfredo Okenve Ndoho

Alfredo Okenve Ndoho

HRD, Vice President
Centro de Estudios e iniciativas para el Desarrollo (CEID)

Alfredo Okenve is a well-known human rights defender and activist who for many years has been denouncing, nationally and internationally, regular patterns of human rights violations and corruption. He is Vice President of the Center for Development Studies and Initiatives (CEID), a human rights and development organization in Equatorial Guinea.

Equatorial Guinea

Human rights defenders’ work is severely limited, and they have faced repeated reprisals, threats, stigmatisation, harassment, and arbitrary arrests and detention. There are no legally recognized independent human rights organisations in Equatorial Guinea, and the government is suspicious of human rights activity as being anti-government. Human rights defenders have been suspended from their jobs for their legitimate and peaceful activities. Women human rights defenders work in an even more hostile atmosphere as violence against women is reported to be widespread, sexual harassment is not illegal, and, legally, women are restricted in their right to own property and their right to inheritance.