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Abdulnabi Al-Ekry

Abdulnabi Al-Ekry

HRD, Director General
National Centre for Studies
The Guardian Article

Bahrain crackdown will make citizens more determined

Abdulnabi Al-Ekry is a writer and civil society activist.  He is the Director General of the National Centre for Studies and previously served as the President of the Bahrain Transparency Society.  He is a member of the Bahraini Society for Human Rights and has authored many books in Arabic including Leftist Movements in the Arab Gulf.

Bahrain Protest Context

Following the eruption of protests in February 2011 against government corruption and discrimination of the Shi'a majority population, the situation for human rights defenders in Bahrain became even more dangerous and difficult. Faced with widespread protests and unrest, the authorities responded with harsh measures and a crackdown on protesters, civil society leaders, human rights defenders and pro democracy activists. Human rights defenders were tried in military courts, often charged with fabricated crimes, and given hugely disproportionate sentences.


Abdulnabi Al-Ekry On the Situation in Bahrain