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National Network of Anti-Prohibitionist Feminists

Rede Nacional de Feministas Antiproibicionistas – Renfa (National Network of Anti-Prohibitionist Feminists) is a human rights organisation composed of a group of Brazilian women who seek to promote women’s rights and social equality through feminism, anti-classism, anti-racism and anti-prohibitionist values. Renfa acts to empower women who were imprisoned under drug prohibition laws, and has members in 14 states of Brazil.

The organisation is conducting research on the social impact of the pretrial detention of women in Recife and Rio de Janeiro, and provides legal defence for women’s rights defenders on pretrial detention, including the case of Sara Rodrigues.


The challenges and threats faced by human rights defenders in Brazil remain very high, particularly for those working on issues of land, environment, indigenous peoples, LGBTi rights, corruption and impunity.