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Red Venezuela

La Red de Derechos Humanos del Estado Lara (REDHELARA)

La Red de Derechos Humanos del Estado Lara (REDHELARA) brings together 17 non-governmental organizations in the state of Lara, Venezuela. The network acts by coordinating efforts to promote human rights and accompanying human rights defenders in a state that have suffered particularly from the political and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. REDHELARA accompanies human rights defenders who have faced extrajudicial executions of family members, arbitrary detentions, and police repression in the area of freedom of expression and association.

HRDs in Venezuela have been working under restrictive policies for many years: the Maduro administration has continued the work begun by Chávez in restricting civil space and delegitimising HRDs, repeatedly accusing them of undermining the Venezuelan democracy with the alleged collaboration of the United States.