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Iuventa 10

Amnesty International Germany Human Rights Award

The Iuventa10 is a collective of crew members of the Iuventa ship, operating search and rescue missions in the Mediterranean sea, and the volunteers assisting them. Over the course of 16 missions, the Iuventa’s crew have assisted 175 boats and rescued 23,810 people, taking more than 14,000 people on board. The ship's crew and volunteers have treated 4,800 people for dehydration, circulatory failure, hypothermia, chemical burns and pregnancy complications, among many other issues. Since August 2017 the ship has been impounded in the port of Trapani, Sicily while its crew are facing criminal investigation. Iuventa10 was the recipient of the 2020 Amnesty International Germany Human Rights Award.

Judicial harassment has been used to hinder the activities of human rights defenders in Italy, with several cases over the past several years that led to prolonged litigation and high expenses on behalf of defendants.