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Corriente Martiana

Corriente Martiana

Corriente Martiana is a human rights organisation created in 2004 that seeks to support individuals and groups who peacefully work in a s a wide range of issues in Cuba In the past, they have supported members of the LGTBI community, promoting equal marriage through a campaign called Nosotros tambien amamos “We love too” and advocated on issues related to freedom of expression and association in the midst of the restrictive Cuban context. Their human rights work focuses on three lines of action: the defense of human rights, through communications to international human rights organisations, the promotion of human rights, through courses such as "Basic Course for Human Rights Defenders in Cuba" and workshops on the functioning of regional and universal human rights mechanisms. They also raise awareness about human rights through the distribution of copies of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights among librarians, trade unionists, independent journalists and other civil society organisations. Their last line of action is the protection of human rights, which they pursue through accompanying human rights defenders who have been arbitrarily detained or are under attack.

Members of Corriente Martiana have been summoned by the police to talk in public parks and have received threats for their work. In addition, they have been subjected to arbitrary arrests, smear campaigns, travel bans the country when they were on their way to events related to their human rights work, interventions in their communications, excessive use of force and abuse of power by the police. Likewise, their belongings and communication devices, such as cell phones and computers, have been confiscated without justification on several occasions.


Human rights defenders in Cuba remain vigilant, even if they are hopeful for change, and the government has yet to prove a commitment to human rights.