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8 May 2024

International Solidarity with Georgian Civil Society and the people of Georgia

As human rights defenders across the globe, we are deeply troubled by efforts of the Georgian government to stifle civil society voices through the introduction of the law “on the transparency of foreign influence.”

To our friends and allies in Georgia, please know that we stand with you as you stand up against your government's attempt to adopt the law, which clearly targets civil society organizations and independent media. This attack on freedoms of speech and assembly, as well as on basic and fundamental rights for a democratic and pluralist society affects all of us. It is an attempt to dehumanize and stigmatize civil society activity, something that runs contrary to Georgia’s human rights commitments, as well as international human rights standards and values.

In some of our own countries we too are witnessing similar developments designed to curtail accountability and defense of human rights. This kind of legislation has led to reprisals, attacks, red-tagging, imprisonments, abductions and killings of human rights defenders, environmental activists, legal professionals, journalists, workers, community leaders and other civil society actors. It is disturbing to see the same risks now facing the people of Georgia who have been fiercely fighting for liberty, independence, freedom and democracy for the past 35 years.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Georgia. We greatly appreciate your fight for freedom and democracy and we acknowledge that the adoption of this law in Georgia will have implications for our countries too.

We call on the Georgian government to vote down the draft law and return to the reform agenda which is so much needed for Georgia’s continued leadership in democratization and development.

As the Annual General Meeting of the Asian Development Bank takes place in Tbilisi in the coming days, we call on international financial institutions and other international partners of Georgia to publicly condemn this attack on human rights and democracy and publicly state their support to Georgian civil society and people of Georgia who demand democracy and human rights.

Signatures (organizations)

  1. Accountability Counsel | USA
  2. Action Paysanne Contre la Faim APCF | DRC
  3. African Law Foundation (AFRILAW) | Nigeria
  4. Alyansa Tigil Mina (Alliance to Stop Mining) | Philippines 
  5. Amnesty International | Global
  6. Ardha Jabesa Foundation | Kenya
  7. Asia Indigenous Peoples Network on Extractive Industries and Energy (AIPNEE) | Asia
  8. Bank Climate Advocates | US
  9. Bank Information Center | US
  10. International Rivers | US
  11. Brot für die Welt | Germany
  12. Business & Human Rights Resource Centre | Global
  13. Cambio Sistémico | Mexico
  14. CEE Bankwatch | Czech Republic
  15. Centre for Community Mobilization and support NGO | Armenia
  16. Cohesión Comunitaria e Innovación Social | Mexico 
  17. Collectif des ONG Œuvrant dans le secteur de mines, Environnement et Electricité COMEE| DRC
  18. Conseil Régional des Organisations Non Gouvernementales de Développement CRONGD | DRC
  19. Crude Accountability | US
  20. Deca Equipo Pueblos | Mexico
  21. FIDH (International Federation for Human Rights), within the framework of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders | Global
  22. Freedom House | US
  23. Front Line Defenders | Ireland
  24. Global Rights | Nigeria
  25. Gobierno y Análisis Político AC (GAPAC) | Mexico 
  26. Green Development Advocates | Cameroon 
  27. HRM Bir Duino | Kyrgyzstan
  28. Human defenders group - Aksabskur, Uzbekistan  
  29. Indian Social Action Forum | India 
  30. Iniciativas para el Desarrollo de la Mujer Oaxaqueña (IDEMO) | Mexico
  31. International Accountability Project | Global
  32. International Indigenous Fund for development and solidarity “Batani” (Batani Foundation) |  Russia/USA
  33. Kashi Jermaine, Kwale Mining Alliance | Kenya
  34. Participatory Research & Action Network – PRAAN | Bangladesh
  35. Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and Rule of Law  | Kazakhstan
  36. KRuHA – People’s coalition for the right to water  |  Indonesia
  37. Latinoamérica Sustentable, Regional  | Latin America
  38. Lawyers’ Association for Human Rights of Nepalese Indigenous Peoples (LAHURNIP)  | Nepal
  39. lM Defensoras  |  Latin America  
  40. OADHERE RDC ( observatorie africans de droit
  41. Otros Mundos Chiapas  |  Mexico
  42. OTWatch |  Mongolia
  43. Phenix Center |  Jordan
  44. Protection International (PI) | Belgium and Global
  45. Proyecto sobre Organización, Desarrollo, Educación e Investigación (PODER) | Latin America
  46. Recourse | Netherlands
  47. Rivers without Boundaries International Coalition  | Global
  48. Unidosc | Mexico
  49. Urgent Action Fund for Feminist Activism | Global
  50. Uzbek Forum for Human Rights  | Germany
  51. Workers’ Assistance Center (WAC) | Philippines
  52. World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), within the framework of the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders | Global
  53. Yayasan Keadilan Iklim Indonesia (Climate Justice Indonesia Foundation) | Indonesia
  54. Yayasan Srikandi Lestari,( Srikandi Lestari Foundation) | Indonesia

Signatures (individuals)

  1. Maurice Ouma Odhiambo, Jamaa Resource Initiatives, Kenya
  2. Mirvari Gahramanli, Oil Worker’s Rights Protection Organization, Azerbaijan
  3. Nora Sausmikat, Urgewald/Germany
  4. Oleg Dulgaryan, Rights Defender, Armenia
  5. Eduardo Aguilar, independent human rights advocate, Mexico