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12 January 2024

Farewell Bouchra Chetouani, champion of freedom of expression and defender of the marginalised

Front Line Defenders is deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Moroccan journalist, activist, and woman human rights defender Bouchra Chetouani on Thursday, 11 January 2024, after bravely battling a prolonged illness. With her departure from our world, the Moroccan human rights movement has lost a steadfast advocate for freedom, dignity, and social justice. Bouchra Chetouani carried the weight of defending the oppressed and marginalised in her community, all while maintaining a hopeful and life-loving smile.

Front Line Defenders first encountered Bouchra Chetouani during her volunteer work as a broadcaster at Al-Joussour Radio, Morocco's first community radio. With a remarkable history in human rights activism, she was a founding member and national coordinator of "Group of Young Women for Democracy," an active participant in the Child Protection Safety Association, the educational coordinator of Anir Society, and the head of the mobile Child Protection Unit on Anir Inzkan Street. Additionally, Bouchra took pride in overseeing the “Youda” project, focused on amplifying the voice of women agricultural workers in Inzkan province. Furthermore, she spearheaded the "Hear Me" campaign, encouraging women workers to engage in politics.

Bouchra Chetouani participated in Front Line Defenders’ 2022 Dublin Platform and later shared her skills and experiences with defenders from North Africa, West Asia, and the Middle East during a forum on defenders' mental health safety and wellbeing in June 2023.

Front Line Defenders extends heartfelt condolences to the family of the woman human rights defender Bouchra Chetouani, her loved ones, and all those who stood alongside her in the pursuit of justice and freedom, both regionally and globally. May her memory serve as a guiding light for freedom, dignity, and social justice.

This is Bouchra’s last publication on her facebook page.

May she Rest in Power, Love and Peace.