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2022 Dublin Platform

26-28 October 2022

Front Line Defenders hosted the Dublin Platform 2022 in Dublin from 26-28 October, for the first time in person since 2019. Over the 2.5 days, we welcomed more than 100 human rights defenders, and as per previous Platforms, it was a unique occasion to meet, network, share experiences, successes and difficulties, as well as the threats they face and strategies they have developed to address them. The HRDs could also draw the attention of the 155 international guests present on their work and support needs. The Platform was preceded by a Donor Day bringing together international donors to reflect on current challenges, opportunities and collaboration possibilities in supporting HRDs’ work and protection.

Watch the 2022 Dublin Platform opening video.

View the press release here.

Download the 2022 Dublin Platform Report.


The aims of the 2022 Dublin Platform for human rights defenders were to:

i) Analyse and expose the reality of the repression of human rights defenders and promote their work internationally.

ii) Prioritise the sharing of experience so that human rights defenders can learn from each other and discuss what strategic lessons can be drawn for the prevention and minimisation of risk.

iii) Provide an opportunity for participants to relate experiences, make practical recommendations in specific areas and influence thinking at the international level.

The first day, 26 October, featured an opening with HRDs and high-level guests to welcome participants and renew the commitment of international partners to their welfare. It was followed by working groups by region where HRDs could analyse the threats and opportunities specific to their region, and network among themselves. The afternoon saw the heads of selected international protection mechanisms discussed how they can be of help to HRDs; and a panel discussion on the impact of counter-terrorism and security laws on human rights.

The second day, 27 October, started with a panel discussion on gender ideology and the backlash on feminists and LGBTIQ+ HRDs and continued with a second session of regional working groups. In the afternoon, HRDs participated in a panel discussion on the protection in the context of protests and social movements, and heard fellow defenders present their testimonies, after which they attended a candlelight vigil at the HRD Memorial Monument. There were socials on both evenings to allow HRDs to relax, network and make friends.

The third morning, 28 October, featured a Q&A with the EU Special Representative for Human Rights and more HRD testimonies, followed by the closing ceremony with traditional Irish music and a thank you to HRDs for having come to the Platform by the Board of Front Line Defenders.