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26 November 2020

Cypher Comics

In July 2020, Front Line Defenders launched Cypher (@cypher_comics on Instagram), a digital comics magazine that advances the organization’s storytelling and narrative framing work in collaboration with and in support of HRDs. Working with artists from around the world, including the award-winning visual storyteller, Beldan Sezen, as creative director, the ’zine is a monthly publication featuring stories of HRDs, their work and the challenges they face.

If you are interested in an annual subscription to receive printed editions of Cypher, please email, with 'Subscription' in the subject line, and you will be sent more information about options. We are close to finalizing printing arrangements and pricing options.

Download Cypher Edition 07 - (PDF)

Download Cypher Edition 07 - (Epub)

Cypher - Edition 07

  HRD - Lorena Gutiérrez Rangel
  Artist - Eréndira Derbez & Estudio Plumbago
  HRD - Houayheuang Xayabouly (Muay)
  Artist - Kori Song
  HRD - Gülnara Mehdiyeva
  Artist - Madina Zholdybekova




Download Cypher Edition 06 - part 1 (PDF)

Download Cypher Edition 06 - part 1 (Epub)

Cypher - Edition 06

  HRD - Saadia Mosbeh
  Artist - Moez Tabia & Nada Dagdoug
  HRD - Mamadou Ba - SOS Racismo
  Artist - Nuno Saraiva
  HRD - Mizangas
  Artist - Mikaela Sánchez
  HRD - Khalid Al-Baih
  Artist - Joseph Bergen
  HRDs - Black Lives Matter - Tokyo
  Artist - Mmyoi


Download Cypher Edition 05 (PDF)

Download Cypher Edition 05 (Epub)

Cypher - Edition 05

  HRD - 'Ofa Guttenbeil  
  Artist - Natasha Natarajan
  HRD - Resonance Center
  Artist - Maria Sweeney
  HRDs - Beatrice Savadye
  Artist - Lomedy Mhako
  HRD - Mekfoula Mint Brahim
  Artist - Lia Copello



Download Cypher Edition 04 (PDF)

Download Cypher Edition 04 (Epub)

Cypher - Edition 04 - FLD AWARD
Sri Lanka

  HRD - Juwairiya Mohideen
  Artist - Isuri
  HRD - Lara Aharonian
  Artist - Armine Shahbazyan
  HRDs - Women Human Rights Defenders
  Artist - Mays Yasser
  HRD - Mekfoula Mint Brahim
  Artist - Cooldji.Designed
  HRDs - Guardia Indígena del Cauca
  Artist - Michael Guetio





Download Cypher Edition 03 (PDF)

Download Cypher Edition 03 (Epub)

Cypher - Edition 03

India 1
  HRDs - Anti-CAA protesters
  Artist - Neelima
India 2
  HRDs - HRDs in Bhima Koregaon case
  Artist - "Just Some Regular Cowards"
  HRDs - No-TAP Movement
  Artist - Bambi Kramer
  HRD - 'Jorge Maldonado'
  Artist - Sacha Lebákov





Cypher 02 features an audio interview with Palestinian HRD and artist Hafez Omar - listen to the interview by clicking on the 'Hafez Talks' buttons when viewing the comcis in the 'zine viewer below (the PDF file does not support the audio files).

Download Cypher Edition 02 PDF (no audio)

Download Cypher Edition 02 Epub (w/audio)

Cypher - Edition 02

  HRD - Hafez Omar
  Artist - Hafez Omar
Puerto Rico
  HRD - Shariana Ferrer-Núñez
  Artist - Rosa Colón Guerra
Hong Kong
  HRD - Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China
  Artist - A. Li





Download Cypher Edition 01 (PDF)

Download Cypher Edition 01 (Epub)

Cypher - Edition 01

  HRD - Ruth Mumbi
  Artist - Nomes Dee
  HRD - Idris Khattak
  Artist - anonymous
  HRD - Egna Legna
  Artist - Pascale Ghazaly
  HRD - Rosa Luz
  Artist - Lyvia Emanuelly



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