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Yahia Bounouar

HRD, Journalist, President
Algerian Observatory of Human Rights

You want to laugh. Protest to whom? The blocking of the website was done without any legal procedures. This is how a Mafia power works, making decisions in secret, never assume responsibility publicly. A power that operates clandestinely, without holding anyone to account.This is pure and simple arbitrary. As for me, I must now to find a way to resume satellite broadcasting. It will come very soon.

- Yahia Bounouar

Yahia Bounouar is a prominent journalist in Algeria who covered the hostage events which took place in Amenas, acting as correspondent for several television stations, such as France 24, BFMTV, Al Jazeera, and newspapers including le Figaro and the Guardian. Yahia Bounouar is also President of the Algerian Observatory of Human Rights.

Peaceful protests have been forcibly dispersed and protesters and human rights defenders have been arrested and charged. An indefinite 2001 ban on protests continue to remain in force in the capital Algiers. A number of HRDs have been put on trial under Article 100 of the Penal Code, which punishes the incitement of unarmed gathering.