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Wei Tingting

Wei Tingting

HRD, Feminist
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Wei Tingting is a women's rights defender and feminist. Prior to her detention in 2015, she was the Director of an LGBTI advocacy group in Beijing and previously worked for the Beijing Gender Health Institute, an NGO promoting awareness and understanding of gender issues, sexuality and sexual health. In 2012 she particpated in a street protest in Beijing (see below for video) to draw attention to widespread occurence of domestic violence in China.


They also work under very restrictive legislation, including laws which criminalize all unauthorized demonstrations and require government sponsorship for NGO registration, which is refused to any organisation touching on human rights issues. Widescale investigations into NGOs with links to overseas organisations took place in 2014 and 2015 resulting in harassment, detentions and forced closures.


'Bloody Bride' Protest in Beijing