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Salih Mahmoud Osman

HRD & Vice President
Darfur Bar Association

Salih Mahmoud Osman is Vice President of the Darfur Bar Association, member of the Democratic Lawyers Association, a human rights lawyer, and recipient of the 2007 Sakharov Prize. He has promoted the establishment of the rule of law and advocated for legal reform through the National Assembly of Sudan, which he was appointed to in 2005. The human rights defender has provided legal aid to victims of violence.

The ongoing violence by government forces, pro-government militia groups and anti-government armed group forms the backdrop to continued harassment, arbitrary arrests, incommunicado detentions and alleged torture of human rights defenders (HRDs) by Sudanese military and security forces. Freedom of expression and freedom of association and assembly have been increasingly curtailed. In particular, NGO members, journalists and student activists have been targeted.