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Patricia Orozco

Patricia Orozco

HRD, member
Iniciativa Nicaragüense de Defensoras

Patricia Orozco is a prominent Nicaraguan feminist, member of the Campaña 28 de Septiembre (Campaign 28 of September) and the Iniciativa Nicaragüense de Defensoras (Initiative of Nicaraguan Defenders). The Campaign 28 of September was born during the 5th Feminist Latin American and Caribbean Encounter that took place in San Bernardo, Argentina, in November 1990. Its purpose is to generate the conditions in all countries of Latin America and the Caribbean for women to be able to access free and safe abortions with quality health care. Abixael Mogoyón is a journalist for the radio programme Onda Local.


Land disputes in Nicaragua, largely ignored by the authoritarian government, have led to precarious situations for indigenous communities and those who defend them. In many cases, the companies who carry out violations and human rights defenders and communities are working in collaboration with police forces and even the army. HRDs have been attacked, criminalised, imprisoned and even killed.