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Muhammad Yaki Salae

HRD, Chairperson
Justice for Peace Network (JOP)

Muhammad Yaki Salae is the Chairperson of the Justice for Peace Network (JOP), founded in 2006 as a network of human rights and peace activists aiming to strengthen non-violent efforts to protect human rights, promote access to justice, and end impunity in Thailand. The JOP engages in human rights monitoring and advocacy while supporting victims of human rights violations in their fight for justice. Their work is focuses on the empowerment of local communities in the far south of Thailand, to aid them in their struggle for the realisation of their human rights.

Human rights defenders in Thailand face threats, physical assaults, arbitrary detention, judicial harassment, and extrajudicial killings. HRDs in the South, particularly those working with the victims of the conflict, who are for the most part Muslim, report regular abuse of the law and emergency decrees and a general abuse of power by the authorities.