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Mina Beyan

Mina Beyan

Social Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development (SESDev)

Mina Beyan is a Programs Director at the Social Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development (SESDev) in Liberia, with 13 years' experience working in the NGO sector. In her role with SESDev, Mina works closely with local communities to monitor and report on oil palm companies’ activities, to ensure their adherence to their commitments and the law. She also works at the policy level as a key member of the CSO Oil Palm Working Group, based in Monrovia. A strong focus of her work has been on natural resource management  and governance, and in particular building capacities of forest fringed communities and other local communities to enable them protect and secure their rights in concessions (mining, logging and agribusiness). Currently she has been designing and initiating programs that support development models which promote social, economic and environmental justice particularly for those most marginalised from, at the same time directly impacted by, current development processes such as logging, monoculture plantations and mining extractions.

Human rights defenders working in Liberia still face a harsh environment. They are often harassed by the government including judicial harassment, arrest and detention.