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Lee Ming-che


Lee Ming-che works as an administrator at Wenshan Community College, where he has maintained an active role in supporting human rights, democracy, and the work of non-government organizations. He is a member of Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party. Lee Ming-che’s activism focuses on both Taiwan and China; he maintains a chat forum on transitional justice in Taiwan, and he has provided advocacy and other support for families of human rights lawyers in China.


Human rights defenders in China work in an extremely hostile environment and under President Xi Jinping they have seen the space in which to operate further restricted. Chinese HRDs are active in many spheres, and they include lawyers, journalists, academics, transparency campaigners, housing and land rights activists, bloggers, writers, HIV/AIDS activists and those promoting the rights of ethnic minorities. Regardless of the issues they work on, HRDs who highlight abuses, challenge the authorities or network to support detained colleagues all face reprisals from the government. These range from almost daily harassment and intimidation of family members to detentions, disappearances, torture and imprisonment.